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Tell your stylist about Zero Ammonia Teinture and receive a free gift!
As consumers continue to look for healthier alternatives to in salon chemical treatments, you can help us spread the word about Zero Ammonia Teinture by getting your stylist to contact us.
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Zero Ammonia Permanent Color

Created by Henri Mastey, Teinture, the first Tri-Base ammonia-free permanent hair color, has become the new choice of client-conscious colorists worldwide. Teinture is the only zero ammonia permanent hair color formulated with the most powerful antioxidant complex derived from grapeseeds Procyanidins UV protectant, and the NMF (Natural Moisturizing Factor), a natural lipid to condition your hair so it takes color better and holds it longer from root-to-tip.
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Distribution Opportunities
For over 30 years Mastey de Paris has been producing the gentlest products in the professional hair care industry. Our innovations and product formulations have endeared our brand to stylists and consumers all over the world. Mastey’s dedication to healthy hair and skin, along with our unwavering support for environmentally friendly alternatives has been a driving force for our company since its creation.
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