Mastey Zero Ammonia Teinture Introduction



If not Ammonia, what is it?

The first questions stylists ask are "What do you use instead of ammonia?" "What are you using to open the cuticle?" "How is the color getting into the hair?"

Mastey uses a special blend of ingredients that gently opens the cuticle and allows the color to penetrate into the hair without causing excessive damage. This special blend not only helsp the color to penetrate, but it also helps to nourish and condition the hair as it is processing.

What is this special blend?

It is a combination of Amino Methyl Propanol, Rice Amino Acid, Antioxidants, and Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). In combination these ingredients help the cuticle to open and then help repair, nourish and moisturize the hair as it is being colored.

The Result

Healthy Beautiful Hair after every color process. Even when challenged by extremely damaged hair, use of Teinture over time and the use of the Mastey Repairing Treatment System will help nurse your clients hair back to Healthy Beautiful Hair

Teinture Dye Sytem


ZERO PPD! All Oxidative Non Progressive Color

One of the reasons we can use AminOrganic to gently open the cuticle is our choice to use only the highest quality hair dyes available. These dyes are not only highest in quality but also adhere to our strict desire to only produce professional products that are gentler not only for the hair but to the environment of the stylist. Our Dyes are also 100% PPD FREE.

All Oxydative Dyes

Teinture dyes are 100% oxydative dyes. There are no stains or direct dyes! This gives Teinture long lasting tone. So when color fades out, it will not fade off tone. In traditional ammonia colors, you have both oxydative dyes and direct dyes. The oxydative dyes penetrate the hair while the direct dyes lay on top of that hair and stain it. This helps these colors cover gray and show vibrancy. The drawback is that the stains wash out faster than the oxidative color fades. So you get color that looks good when it leaves the salon, but starts fading off tone as the client washes their hair at home. By using only oxidative dyes Teinture provides long lasting true to tone color results. And as color fades over time, it will fade on tone! Teinture colors will also NOT BUILD up so you wont see progressive darkness on the ends. You will only get true even color coverage from roots to ends.


Our pure dyes also allow us to create any shade imaginable! Just use an existing shade as a base and add amplifiers to create the personalized color you want! And since even the amplifiers are all oxydative dyes, they will not fade out like the traditional intensifiers in other lines.



Longer Lasting Color

Teinture has color protection built in. Whether damage is caused by oxidation, excessive heat or sun, or over treated water, Teinture has your clients covered! Teinture is formulated with GRAPE SEED EXTRACT (a natural antioxidant) & Vitamin B 5 to help color last longer and protect it from environmental damage.


Along with the protection comes the repairing properties of Rice Amino Acids, and the natural moisturizing of the hair with Mastey's NMF. The combination gives your hair healthy, shiny, & beautiful results every time.

Sun Protection

For protection from the suns rays Teinture is formulated with UVA and UVB protection, UV Absorbers, and UV Reflectors to give you the highest level of color protection.

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